Refuse Truck CNG Systems

Fueling Garbage Trucks with Compressed Natural Gas

New Way CNG Refuse Truck

New Way leads the market in low-cost, environmentally sustainable options for customers. Currently, 25 to 30 percent of all New Way garbage trucks—such as our Sidewinder XTR™ and ROTO PAC® — are built to be fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG). In larger municipalities, it’s not uncommon for up to 80 percent of the fleet to be CNG garbage trucks.

Since there are numerous options for mounting the fuel system of a CNG refuse truck, New Way engineers carefully analyze each chassis and situation to determine the ideal placement for each CNG garbage truck. Cleaner emissions, long-term fuel cost savings with a domestic fuel source, and quiet operation are just a few reasons why so many haulers and municipalities commit to CNG-powered refuse collection fleets.

Ordering a CNG trash truck directly from the New Way factory also means a quicker turnaround and lower costs for your CNG-powered refuse truck. That's in addition to our already competitive pricing, proven durability, and growing distributor network — meaning you'll be driving the most outstanding value in CNG garbage trucks. Aside from our massive Mammoth™ front loaders, CNG systems are currently available on most New Way models, and we're continuously working with fuel system providers to optimize designs.

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