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At New Way Trucks, we believe that all solid waste is local. This is visible in the equipment variations our customers request. To meet that need we manufacture the widest product lineup of any refuse equipment manufacturer. With over over 50 models of twelve different refuse truck product lines available, there is no collection need that New Way Trucks cannot meet. Our product lineup features six rear-load, three automated side-load, a satellite side-load, and two front-load models ranging in size from 6yd³ to 43yd³.

New Way is proud to offer the industry’s most sought-after automated side-loader, the Sidewinder XTR, and most popular mid-sized rear-loader, the Cobra.

Our product lineup also includes both rear- and side-load under-CDL capable options. New Way’s Viper and Diamondback are more maneuverable than their larger counterparts, meet height restrictions in older municipalities, are adaptable to residential cart-tippers, have a low load-sill threshold, and operate quietly. The New Way Wolverine under-CDL capable automated side-loader has attributes of its larger siblings in a smaller package. New Way continues to proactively innovate to make finding and training new operators considerably easier as the needs of municipalities and haulers shift.

The New Way Trucks Distributor Network provides unmatched after-sales support and service. Contact your local distributor to learn more about how New Way refuse equipment can benefit your hauling operation.

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