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Premier garbage truck manufacturer based in Scranton, IA

New Way®, a family-owned company, is a highly motivated team of talented individuals with an over 45-year commitment to waste-industry innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With refuse trucks on routes throughout the U.S. and across the globe, New Way has become one of the world’s most dominant garbage truck manufacturers.

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Electricity: The Oldest New Alternative Fuel Brought to You by Franklin, Faraday, Tesla, and Edison

As seen in Waste360 (October, 10, 2020) - 100% battery-electric refuse collection vehicles are gaining momentum as more municipalities set ambitious goals towards carbon neutrality and fully electric heavy-duty truck fleets. These government mandates have driven adoption of new innovations in the battery-electric collection vehicle space, which leads to continual improvement from the private sector as demand increases. Accordingly, Waste360 held a keynote panel titled Plugging into Opportunities in Refuse Fleet Electrification at this year’s Virtual Expo Together Online.

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