New Way® Rear Load Garbage Trucks

The industry’s widest rear-load (RL) lineup attracts a wide array of customers: mom-and-pop collectors, regional haulers, municipalities of all sizes, and national haulers. New Way’s RL lineup offers customers diverse options, ranging from the quick and nimble 6yd³ Diamondback to the tough and rugged 32yd³ King Cobra.

The King Cobra is the industry’s unequivocal packing leader. It features a staggering 1,100 to 1,300 lbs./yd³ compaction rate. Built to take on a lot of work without requiring a lot of maintenance thanks to product updates that improve serviceability, the New Way King Cobra is available in four body sizes ranging from 20 to 32 cubic yards.

The tried and true Cobra Magnum’s fast 21-23 second cycle time and overpowering 1,000+ lbs./yd³ compaction rate come together in a lighter body weight than the competition. The New Way Cobra Magnum has also undergone serviceability-improving updates and is available in four body sizes ranging from 20 to 32 cubic yards.

The newest addition to New Way’s RL lineup, Cobra High Compaction (HC), matches the compaction rate and speed of its larger siblings while featuring a lighter body and overall lower profile for height-restricted routes. The New Way Cobra HC is perfect for electric vehicle applications and comes available in 20, 25, and 27 cubic yard models.

The New Way Cobra is the industry’s most sought-after RL model. The Cobra has long been the contractor’s choice by striking the perfect balance between outstanding compaction and a scale house friendly body. This refuse packer features a redesigned fully formed trough and ejection panel that increases structural integrity, allows replaceable components longer service lives, and aids serviceability. Cobra is available in 16, 18, and 20 cubic yard body capacities.

A lighter, faster version of the industry-leading Cobra, the Viper is more maneuverable than its larger counterparts. The ever-popular 11yd³ Viper can be configured as an under-CDL package, which creates opportunities for more operator candidates. The New Way Viper is a reliable favorite of fleet managers from coast to coast and also features a fully formed trough and ejection panel that increases structural integrity, results in longer service life for replaceable components, and makes the Viper easier to service. This packer is available in 9, 11, and 13 cubic yard configurations.

The under-CDL Diamondback is a compact, low-profile refuse truck with a low load sill threshold. Don’t let its small size and quiet operations fool you, though. Its compaction rate ranges from 800 – 1,000 lbs./yd³. The New Way Diamondback’s quality, affordability, and agility make it ideal for high-density areas, resorts, and park routes. It’s adaptable to all residential cart tippers, and is available in 6yd³ and 8yd³ body sizes with both standard and high compaction configurations.

New Way’s RL lineup is sold and supported by the industry’s most well-respected distributor network. To learn more, contact your local New Way Trucks distributor here.

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