New Way® Rear Loaders

Rear-Load Garbage Trucks That Pack a Big Bite

New Way's full line of rear loaders far exceeds what customers have come to expect from a commercial rear-load garbage truck. With a model to fit the needs of any size waste management operation, each rear loader refuse truck is designed for trash compaction, durability, quality, and productivity that sets the bar for industry standards. And every commercial rear-load garbage truck is backed by New Way's exceptional customer service.

The reliability, superior strength, and ease of maintenance of New Way’s rear loader refuse trucks are the result of an engineering approach that focuses on simplicity. An uncomplicated design leads to less wear and tear on critical parts, easy access during operation and maintenance, and quality raw materials that lay the groundwork for a strong and durable refuse packer.

Simple, Powerful Compaction

New Way also offers customization options for manual and semi-manual compaction with a variety of attachments and accessories to meet your needs. As with all New Way refuse trucks, each rear loader refuse truck comes standard with a rear-vision camera and a two-year cylinder warranty

View our complete family of refuse trucks, and pick your line of attack from the: King Cobra, Cobra Magnum, Cobra, Viper and Diamondback.

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