Wolverine Automated Side Loader

The New Way® Wolverine™ is the latest innovation from New Way Trucks and joins the largest and most diverse family of refuse equipment in the industry. The Wolverine has the attributes of its larger sibling, just in a smaller package.

Although the Wolverine is a full-fledged collection vehicle, it is available in an under-CDL package, making finding and training new drivers considerably easier. Your new drivers can focus on safety, customer service, and a manageable route footprint in a smaller vehicle, and eventually graduate to a full-sized unit bringing those skills forward to a larger – yet still familiar – vehicle. 

For the last 20 years, the solid waste industry focused on improving productivity. That effort translated to bigger and fewer collection routes, larger trucks, and fleet-rightsizing. Given the current CDL driver shortage, however, one shoe does not fit all markets. Hauling operators are now seeing those trends begin to reverse. There is a willingness to expand fleets with smaller collection vehicles with hopes of expanding the labor pool and drawing candidates from groups not traditionally targeted by the nation’s waste haulers. New Way Trucks is poised and ready to meet that need.

The industry’s continued shift to automation has further proven to extend an aging workforce while at the same time becoming gender neutral. Historically solid waste has been male-dominated due to the heavy lifting requirements. However, technology has solved that problem. Automation does the heavy lifting, and equipment manufacturers are designing for smaller stature, creating access to more commercial drivers in a time when driver shortages are widespread.   

The New Way Sidewinder XTR™ is the best-selling Class 8 automated side-loader in the industry. It’s just a matter of time before the Wolverine becomes the most sought-after Class 6.  

Standard Equipment

  • Multi-cycle packer
  • Hopper and backup cameras
  • Imron elite productive paint
  • High-grade hydraulic fluid
  • Smooth body sidewall design
  • Fully-automatic tailgate latches
  • In-cab arm & tailgate controls
  • Tapered body design
  • Rounded & sealed tailgate
  • Double-acting tailgate cylinders
  • Fully-enclosed hopper sides
  • Cushioned cylinders for arm
  • Back up & license plate lights
  • Back up alarm
  • Arm not stowed warning light & buzzer
  • ANSI Z245.1 compliant
  • Body & hydraulic 1 year warranties
  • LED safety lights & reflectors
  • Electric proportional arm control
  • Hopper rake teeth
  • Partially covered hopper roof
  • Hydraulic hopper cover

Optional Equipment

  • Available in fully and semi-automated configurations

Automated Side Loader Comparison

  • Sidewinder XTR
  • Wolverine

Hopper Capacity

  • Sidewinder XTR
    6 YD³
    5.7 YD³
  • Wolverine
    3.3 YD³

Body Capacity

  • Sidewinder XTR
    22 to 31 YD³
    14 to 27 YD³
  • Wolverine
    10 to 14 YD³

Second Cycle Time

  • Sidewinder XTR
    8 Sec.
    6 to 8 Sec.
  • Wolverine
    8 to 10 Sec.

Body Weight*

  • Sidewinder XTR
    11.4K - 13K

Compaction Rates

  • Sidewinder XTR
    800 lbs.
    1K lbs.

* - Approximate Body Weight empty and exclusive of options.

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