New Additions Help New Way, McLaughlin Expand Marketing Efforts


McLaughlin Family Companies is no stranger to new technology — their product lines such as New Way Trucks and Custom Fiberglass Coaches are known as innovators in their industries. This year, McLaughlin Family Companies brought their technological savvy behind the scenes with two new hires, Brennan Jontz and Zach Sharpe.

Brennan Jontz Brennan Jontz

Brennan Jontz joined the McLaughlin Family Companies team last November as a videographer and photographer. He came to the company after working for five years as a freelance photojournalist, with footage featured on several national news outlets including Fox News, CNN, TLC and The Weather Channel. His new position involves developing multimedia promotional and presentational products, which includes shooting photos and videos for New Way Trucks and other McLaughlin companies.

Jontz learned about the position through a friend who told him New Way and McLaughlin Family Companies were great to work for. He said he was attracted to the position because it was for a family company — a view that has held up since starting the job.

"McLaughlin Family Companies makes their employees feel like they're part of the family, and I definitely feel that while working here," he said. "I enjoy working here because it gives me the chance to be creative, try new things and help build the great brands that McLaughlin Family Companies represents."

Zach Sharpe Zach Sharpe

Zach Sharpe came on in May of 2017 as the Marketing Manager. He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in marketing, although he started as a meteorology major. This program put him on the path to meeting John McLaughlin Jr. and storm chasing for KCCI. After he discovered a passion for marketing, Sharpe's connections with John McLaughlin Jr. led him to New Way and McLaughlin Family Companies.

In 2013, Sharpe started the Iowa Storm Chasing Network, a social media weather blog that quickly amassed over 100,000 followers on Facebook and 10,000 on Twitter. He brings this social media expertise to his role with McLaughlin Family Companies — while continuing to storm chase in the New Way Ford "Storm Hunter."

"I enjoyed working with John, so when he introduced me to Mike [McLaughlin] and told me they were looking for someone to help run the social media for the company, it was like the stars aligned," Sharpe said. "Often in large corporations you get lost in the crowd, but here you are a vital part of the company, and you truly feel that way."

Phil Allen, New Way's vice president of sales and marketing, said Jontz and Sharpe will make their marketing team even more effective.

"Zach and Brennan both bring valuable experience to our team that will help us develop new and exciting ways to serve our customers," Allen said. "New Way and McLaughlin Family Companies have a reputation for innovation and excellence, and that will continue to shine through with our improved multimedia marketing efforts."

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