Children’s Artwork Featured on Refuse Trucks Helps Raise Recycling Awareness


In September 2016, the City of Lake Worth, Florida initiated a unique recycling awareness contest; Lake Worth’s Refuse Division invited all four elementary schools in Lake Worth, FL to participate in the city’s recycling awareness project, in which the winning artist’s design would be ‘wrapped’ onto two new refuse trucks that were acquired from Scranton, Iowa-based manufacturer New Way®.

Students were tasked with developing a poster and slogan that demonstrates the types of recyclable material, showcases school and community pride, and ultimately, promotes recycling within the city. The contest, which ran from October 10, 2016, to November 11, 2016, yielded 154 entries from Barton Elementary and 74 entries from South Grade Elementary.

In an effort to increase recycling awareness, the Lake Worth, FL Refuse Division acquired a New Way Diamondback Rear Loader that was slated to be wrapped with the winning design from Barton Elementary School. Additionally, a New Way Sidewinder automated side-loader was wrapped with the winning design from South Grade Elementary School. The slogan, “Think Globally, Act Locally RECYCLE”, was added to both refuse trucks. The Diamondback and Sidewinder are fitting billboards for a community known for being the ‘artistic center’ of Palm Beach County.

New Way Vice President of Sales Phil Allen was excited to learn of their truck being featured in the contest. “The Lake Worth Refuse Division is doing a great thing here,” said Allen. “Not only are they giving these children a chance to have their artwork featured, but they are also educating the community on the importance of recycling and waste management.” Allen went on to say, “Our team is proud to be included in this project and hope that the community recognizes Lake Worth’s efforts in improving their quality of life.”

Visitors and residents may have already seen the new refuse trucks, including the completed artwork, as they were recently put into service. The artwork contest exemplifies, and further solidifies, the Lake Worth tagline: This isn’t just a lifestyle. It’s an art form.

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