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Scranton, IOWA - New Way® Trucks of Scranton, Iowa continues to revolutionize the waste management industry with the introduction of FleetForce Truck Rentals. This new, independent company works exclusively with New Way® to offer rental options across the country.

"Our top priority at New Way® is to meet the needs of our customers," said Phil Allen, vice-president of sales and marketing. "We have identified a real need in the industry for this kind of support. Right now there are only two major players in refuse truck rentals, and neither one of these has a proprietary agreement with a manufacturer. New Way® has an inventory of vehicles available, allowing us to match the customer to the right truck. By partnering with FleetForce Truck Rentals, we can more easily meet the customer's fleet needs and we can do it with a much quicker turnaround time."

Through FleetForce Truck Rentals, customers will be able to customize rental agreements on front loaders, larger rear loaders and automated garbage trucks. This arrangement also allows customers with specific needs to work one-on-one with FleetForce and New Way® on a solution that fits their situation.

"Not only does this help streamline the entire rental process, it provides viable solutions to the fleet issues faced by every waste management company or municipality," Allen said. "Whether it is a long-term lease, a short-term rental to fill a temporary gap in the fleet or a customer is shopping for a New Way® and wants to try before they buy, we can work with them directly to outfit them with the equipment they need."

FleetForce Truck Rentals currently has agreements with companies and municipalities in Iowa, Florida, Alabama, California and North Carolina. Feedback about the convenience of this new service has been extremely positive.

"We are hearing from distributors and customers alike that this 'one-stop' approach is what this industry has been lacking for too long," Allen went on to explain. "People are truly appreciative of the fact that they can get their rental arrangements at the same place they are getting the truck. And, once they have gone through the initial process and are in the system, it becomes even easier for the next transaction."

For more information on FleetForce New Way® Truck Rentals, contact Phil Allen at 800.831.1858.

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