In Garbage Economy, New Way® Keeps Driving On

Scranton’s New Way® is Still Strong In Today's Tough Economic Climate


Scranton, IA - Ask any employee at Scranton Manufacturing Co., the makers of New Way garbage trucks, and you won’t hear many worries about their jobs being disposable. Leaders at New Way® are optimistic, as well. “It’s just business as usual here,” says Phil Allen, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing. “Despite negative news everywhere, we continue to see progress throughout the company.”

Indeed, New Way® continues to fill large orders, improve manufacturing methods, and develop new products. Recently, New Way® has completed large shipments including 40 trucks to a major waste collector in Louisiana and over 30 trucks to another prominent organization in Florida. Another recent order highlights New Way’s focus on environmental responsibility- a major US city in California has ordered a large quantity of New Way® rear loaders mounted on alternative fuel chassis. These CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) units offered by New Way® are working to improve air quality in communities across the nation.

Phil Allen attributes New Way’s tenacity to the dedicated employees and the durability of the trucks themselves. Company programs like RCI (Rapid Continuous Improvement) help reinforce both ideas, as employees are utilized to streamline and improve quality control in the factory. Allen said, “Our employees understand that in a difficult time it is important to build competitive, high quality products. Employee attitudes are excellent despite whatever they may hear on the news.”

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