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Doug Gane, of Indianhead Truck & Body Co., is proud to have six International New Way® Cobras delivered to Harter’s Quick Clean-Up Service in La Crosse WI.  As an Authorized New Way® Dealer, Doug is proud to represent the New Way® refuse line of trucks, “I am excited about the excellence, the timely matter and quality control on New Way®’s part.”

As far as the customer, Harter’s Quick Clean-up Service, they have been a family owned business since 1953.  They know a good truck!  Gary Harder& his son Miles run the company along with several of Mile’s siblings.  They own 23 trucks now and just renewed a contract with the city of La Crosse.  They ordered six new Cobra Rear Loaders to replace six of the old trucks for the city routes.

Miles Harter liked the New Way® trucks for these reasons:

  1. Price - Good
  2. More Efficient - Commercial routes are getting done ½ to ¾ hour faster than the competition because of the slanted hopper, faster attachments, and more gap between the turnbuckle so you can hook up smaller containers with ease.  
  3. Service - Service has been excellent so far!  Indianhead Truck & Body Co. is very personable and when Harters has issues, Doug and the other staff at Indianhead think outside the box to make sure the personal request are met.  Miles added they look out for the company’s best interest, and not their own.

A happy customer means a satisfied customer.  A satisfied customer means a happy salesman.

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