New Way® Inspires "Biggest Losers" Competition Within Its Community


Winners of the Biggest Loser Competition

GREENE COUNTY, IA - Having hosted numerous health programs and competitions for its own employees, New Way recently became motivated to spread the fitness bug to others within its community. To achieve this goal, a "Biggest Loser" competition was set up between employees of New Way® and parent company Scranton Manufacturing, as well as other local manufacturing businesses including AAI and B&D. The competition was organized with help from Greene County Chamber & Development.

On Thursday, May 12, the winners of the competition celebrated their victory with a dinner consisting of locally-produced items which took place on the observation deck of the local Mahanay Bell Tower, a 14-story landmark in nearby Jefferson, Iowa. The New Way® / Scranton Manufacturing team, dubbed the "Junkfood Junkies", ended up becoming the victors of the grilled steak dinner and enjoyed an awards ceremony. The menu included local hormone-free steaks, locally grown vegetables, as well as pie and coffee from nearby businesses.

Scranton Manufacturing also made a donation to the GCMC Diabetes Education Center that corresponded with the number of pounds lost by all participants in the Biggest Loser competition. Having enjoyed the results so well, the group of manufacturers have now started on a "Walking Greene County" competition, where employees will compete to do the most walking. Their totals are captured via pedometer and turned in each week, with winning teams selected after eight weeks.

Art Sween, HR Manager at Scranton, is pleased to see the company's actions helping to improve community health. "These events get employees and residents out to enjoy our spring and summer weather," Sween said, "Best of all, it improves health and continues many employees' weight loss efforts which began with our earlier programs."

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