What’s New Way® Up To Now?

Campaign Drives at a Possible Unveiling in Vegas


New Way® Trucks is the fastest-growing manufacturer in the waste industry, and their new campaign obliquely reveals that trend may be continuing. The Scranton, Iowa manufacturer has been running ads ahead of the industry's largest solid waste and recycling tradeshow, Waste Expo. The ads in industry magazines display the progressive New Way® logo held by a hydraulic arm and read, "Taking a Whole New Grip on the Industry".

Readers are instructed to visit a special link on New Way®'s website (newwaytrucks.com/grip) or visit their booth at the 2009 Waste Expo (Booth 7064) for a sneak peek of "what's up their sleeve". The website contains an animation of the hydraulic arm, and references to New Way®'s "reach" abound, though it seems the company isn't extending any details until their tradeshow appearance in June.

Scranton Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1971. Its New Way® products offer a full line of affordable refuse equipment. New Way® has become America’s fastest growing manufacturer in the waste industry. They have expanded to sell units internationally and have two Joint Ventures in China. More information about Scranton Manufacturing, New Way®, and New Way® China can be found online at www.scrantonmfg.com and refusetrucks.scrantonmfg.com.

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