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King Cobra & Cobra Magnum Weld Team Earns Advanced Certification


King Cobra & Cobra Magnum Weld Team Earns Advanced Certification

SCRANTON, IA - These are impressive machines. Made in the heart of Iowa yet trusted around the world, New Way®’s rear-loading refuse trucks continue to prove their strength by repeatedly devouring loads of waste as large as 32 square yards. The team devoted to building two such New Way® models have recently proven their strength as well. Eleven men strong, they represent 62 years of combined experience with New Way®. And if their welds on active trucks aren’t proof enough of their skill, their new advanced welding certifications have made it official.

Many of the team members recently completed an American Welding Society certification program taught by Harlan Thompson at Iowa Central Community College. They were tested on their skills of blueprint reading, weld symbols, and more. Team members also proved skilled at pulse technology welding, which optimizes weld strength while minimizing distortion. New Way® welders utilize this technology to help their products’ quality stand apart. “We are proud of what we build and we take a lot of pride in our work,” said Glenn Summers, Line Leader for the King Cobra and Cobra Magnum team, “This certification only confirms our dedication to bring the best to New Way® products.” New Way® has become a leader in the waste industry since its founding only 39 years ago. Over this time they have consistently placed importance on bettering the skills and health of their employees through initiatives including specialized training.

The team members are: Dan Cross, Brian Sandeen, Bill Becker, Glen Summers (Line Leader), Chad Olsen, Ray Stanton, Nick Wothe, Cody Gustoff, Chad Riesselman, Jesse Lorentzen, Dave Trecker (Supervisor).

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