Turn Tulsa Pink


Tulsa, OK - NeWSolutions has participated in several events staged by the organization Tulsa Tulsa Pink, which promotes cancer awareness in the Tulsa community. The organization has encouraged a number of local organizations and service providers with fleets to paint at least one vehicle pink to help promote this cause. The City of Tulsa has police, fire and ambulance vehicles painted pink and New Way® and NeWSolutions wanted to show support by adding refuse trucks as well. NeWSolutions has also participated in several Turn Tulsa Pink awareness events, where various pink vehicles are put on display. The event you see in the photos took place on June 27th outside the Summit Square Shopping Center in south Tulsa. Mary Junger, of the customer service and community relations departments at NeWSolutions, captured the event, including NeWSolutions driver Jesus Duran posing beside the newly repainted truck.

Turn Tulsa Pink Pictures
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