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SCRANTON, Iowa - For decades, the McLaughlin family and Scranton Manufacturing has sought out top talent to add to their growing team, and 2016 is no different, as the budding manufacturing company has added several key employees to expand their capabilities.

Scranton Mfg., which is most known for their refuse industry leading brand, New Way Trucks, continues to bring innovation to a number of industries. The global business leader recently added a few key employees aimed at improving processes, across multiple brands, under the McLaughlin’s family of companies.

Jeremy Strasser, a 20 plus year US Army Veteran and Coon Rapids, IA native, was recently brought in as production manager for McLaughlin International, the McLaughlin’s apparel and promotions company. Not only did Jeremy complete multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as a peacekeeping tour in Bosnia, but also protected Ida County as a Deputy Sheriff for five years, and currently serves as the Operations Sergeant Major for the 1-113th Cavalry, headquartered in Sioux City, IA.

Jeremy’s service to his country and undoubted leadership skills made him a perfect fit for the McLaughlin team, and will be working with New Way to fulfill orders for brand apparel, promo items, and more. The US Veteran, who will receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology through Liberty University this fall, enjoys spending time with his wife of 15 years, Kayla, and their two children. As a family they love bike riding, kite flying, movie nights, and traveling to their preferred vacation spot in Boone, North Carolina.

We pride ourselves on bringing in quality employees that not only improve our day-to-day operations, but that also subscribe to our hard work ethic and family values,” said company president Mike McLaughlin. “Our company continues to benefit from key additions, and we’ve seen growth due to our employees’ dedication.

Sticking close to home in their search for qualified individuals, the McLaughlin family hired Jason Rosenbeck to assist with digital ad campaign development for sister company, New Way Ford, one of Iowa’s fastest growing Ford dealerships. Originally from the Coon Rapids/Guthrie Center, IA area, Jason received his degree from Iowa State University College of Design, and worked for Garst Seed Company as lead corporate designer, as well as in digital advertising for Van Wall Equipment, the largest John Deere distributor in the midwest.

While Jason will initially focus on New Way Ford’s digital advertising needs, the company looks to utilize the Coon Rapids native’s expertise in future New Way Trucks campaigns, splash videos, and other digital needs. In addition to being the president of the Coon Rapids-Bayard CSD and youth athletics coach, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife Jenna, as they keep busy with their five kid’s extracurricular activities.

We’ve been fortunate to have landed Jeremy and Jason, McLaughlin went on to say. Their expertise and drive lie at the core of what we do, and that is to continue developing better products for our customers.

Scranton Mfg./New Way is always looking for qualified individuals to join their team of highly motivated, talented employees. Those interested in submitting an application are urged to apply online.

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