New Way® Trucks Drives New Sales in Egypt

Refuse-truck manufacturer’s recent deal marks a rise in international sales


New Way® has grown into one of the top manufacturers in the U.S. refuse truck market, yet worldwide sales continue to propel the company to its status as an international player as well. The most recent sale is to a distributor in Cairo, Egypt, called Bright Star Engineering. The trucks will be delivered in November to the Port of Baltimore in the U.S., where they will be loaded on ships and sent to the Port of Alexandria in Egypt. Ultimately, the trucks are destined for purchase by the Egyptian army. New Way® trucks continue to operate in an increasing number of countries around the world, including Canada, Iraq, and Korea, among others.

Bright Star Engineering purchased three 32-cubic-yard New Way® Cobra Magnums on Freightliner chassis. This purchase marks the African company’s first time representing a refuse-body manufacturer. “My hopes are that this will be the beginning of many orders with New Way,” said Sherif Abdelazeem Elhoreshy, Bright Star sales and marketing manager.

Co-founded by John McLaughlin in 1971, New Way® Trucks was the first American garbage-truck manufacturer to establish a plant in China. During the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing purchased 280 New Way® trucks to neaten the city for millions of visitors. Since establishing the two plants in China, the international demand for New Way® trucks has blossomed. The New Way® headquarters, located in Scranton, Iowa, continues to manufacture refuse trucks for the world market.

“Our goal is to provide the same sort of neighborly service that we would give to a customer just down the block,” said Phil Allen, executive VP of sales and marketing.

“To be able to do that for companies across the world is inspiring.”

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