Iowa-Born Refuse Trucks Clean Up at State Fair


Des Moines, IA - The 2009 Iowa State Fair is all wrapped up now, and if the fairgrounds show little sign of the thousands of recent visitors, you can thank a team of sturdy garbage trucks made right here in the state. From their headquarters in Scranton (a town of roughly 700), New Way® is a major manufacturer in the waste industry. As in previous years, the company contributed 3 of their trucks to the clean up efforts at this year's fair. The trucks were operated by Artistic Waste Services of Des Moines.

The trucks, accented with New Way®'s signature green, were adorned with decals that pointed out the trucks' defining features, as well as the company's motto, "Driving the Difference". The difference is that New Way® is a family-owned company which defines itself on quality products and Midwest values, which happens to fit in well at the fair. "People have come to expect seeing us at the fair every year now, and we still hear from the people who like seeing the trucks. Kids, especially, never seem to get tired of seeing the trucks in action," said Phil Allen, VP of Marketing at New Way®.

Scranton Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1971. Its New Way® products offer a full line of affordable refuse equipment. New Way® has become America’s fastest growing manufacturer in the waste industry. They have expanded to sell units internationally and have two joint ventures in China.

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