New Way® Trucks Introduce New Branding


Scranton Manufacturing Co, Inc, producers of the New Way® Refuse Bodies, is announcing Great NEW things at New Way®! John Mclaughlin, New Way®’s CEO, today revealed some of the many new initiatives for this family owned Company. “With our new positioning statement, “Driving the Difference”, we exemplify our commitment to a higher standard.”

“We are determined to be a leader in refuse equipment manufacturing and are implementing several industry differences at New Way®. Just to name a few of these exciting changes; we have instituted a lean manufacturing program, reducing manufacturing costs while improving product quality and employee safety. We have dedicated major investments in new plant technology to increase efficiencies and reduce waste in materials. We are investing in our New Way® employees with continued education and the hiring of industry leaders, such as the recent addition of Phil Allen. We continue to make a major commitment to our customers by building the best distributor network in the industry, and we have devoted ourselves towards the development of some of the industries most innovative products. Behind all of these changes, we are in the process of launching a complete new branding effort to reflect our level of commitment. From our new identity to a new website, we pledge this Drive of Difference to our customers as well as the global industry.”

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