New Way's ROTO PAC® Making an Impact

Revolutionary Auger Automated Side Loader Boasts the Industry's Best Legal Payload


Scranton, IOWA - New Way® Trucks, an industry-leading refuse truck manufacturer based in Scranton, Iowa, continues to develop innovative products that reduce landfill trips and increase waste collection efficiency. Their fully-automated auger-driven side loader ROTO PAC® has impressed every operator who has tested the product. The fully automated side-loader is the first mobile compactor in the world that is equipped with a leak-proof truck body that packs with the rotary action of an auger instead of a traditional packing panel.

Operators across the United States are finding that ROTO PAC works extremely well with organics collection as well as municipal solid waste (MSW). ROTO PAC's body design has enabled the truck to handle organic materials, such as food waste or grass clippings, or MSW, increasing the versatility of the 27-yard body with the best legal payload in the industry of 25,000 lbs. Coupled with the fact that ROTO PAC's auger is self-cleaning and eliminates the down time needed to clean out behind the packer ram at the end of each day, the auger can produce up to 23,000 lbs. of torque at idle speed, and is equipped with an auto reverse cycle in the event of a jam.

"Since we unveiled ROTO PAC, we've been impressed with how much positive feedback we've received from operators," said New Way Regional Sales Manager Scott Rupiper. "Whether we are talking about organics or MSW, this machine is definitely revolutionizing our industry and that can be seen in the reduced routes and trips to the landfill."

In addition, ROTO PAC's automated arm can lift up to 500 lbs at its maximum reach of 144 inches. Once the waste is deposited in the hopper, the ROTO PAC will reliably pack 1,000 lbs. per cubic yard and will remain liquid tight up to 40 inches. A tapered body design to enhance dumping and hot-shift PTO that powers Danfoss double piston pumps for the arm and auger allow for simple operation and maintenance.

"Every aspect of ROTO PAC has been designed with a purpose," Rupiper added. "From compaction rates and hopper to body displacement to the ease of maneuverability in tight spaces, ROTO PAC streamlines operation and labor costs. All of this adds up to the most innovative collection vehicle on the market today."

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