Company Tidies Its Image In Garbage Truck Business


Scranton Manufacturing looks to a new Web site and product lines to help it compete.

By WILLIAM RYBERG- Des Moines Register Business Writer

Models have names like King Cobra and sell for as much as $220,000.

They roll on streets of big cities such as Los Angeles and New York, and their manufacturer's new advertising slogan is "Driving the Difference."

These aren't flashy sports cars. They're garbage trucks made by New Way®, a 230-employee, family-owned business in Scranton, about 50 miles west of Ames.

The company, which is also called Scranton Manufacturing Co. Inc., is the third-largest maker of garbage trucks in the United States.

"They're a national player in waste-hauling equipment," said Bobby Colosimo, president of Des Moines-based Artistic Waste Services Inc. Artistic's fleet of about 70 trucks includes New Way® vehicles.

Now, New Way® is sprucing up its image with a redesigned Web site and slogan, while expanding and modernizing its operations and developing product lines.

The garbage truck manufacturing industry has been undergoing consolidation, said John McLaughlin, the company's chief executive and co-founder. During the last 20 years, mergers, acquisitions and closures have reduced the number of manufacturers to a handful, and left New Way® as the only larger family-owned company in the industry.

With the changes in the industry, New Way® decided it was time to differentiate itself from competitors, McLaughlin said.

To help freshen its image, New Way® hired Bluespace Creative, a Denison-based marketing and design company, for help in creating a new company logo, slogan, Web site and advertising campaign.

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