New Way Trucks Gain Membership to International Trade Council


SCRANTON, Iowa - New Way Trucks, a family-owned refuse truck manufacturing company, based in Scranton, Iowa, has been approved for membership to the International Trade Council. It is because of their continued leadership in the industry, both throughout the United States, and globally, as well as their commitment to excellence in their staff, the New Way Dealer Network, and products, that New Way has been accepted.

For over 45 years, New Way Trucks has produced the finest refuse equipment for customers around the world. Their innovative lineup of trucks includes, front loaders, rear loaders, satellite bodies, recycling bodies, roll-off systems, side loaders, and automated side loaders, ranging in size from 6 yd. to 43 yd. Throughout New Way’s history, their dedicated workforce, strong distributor support network, and quality, purpose-built refuse products, have contributed to tremendous growth, that continues today.

In 2014, the global truck manufacturer broke new ground for a 56,000 sq ft expansion. The expansion, meant to provide ample space for increased production and future growth, positioned the company to boost the local economy with 75 new jobs.

New Way president, Michael McLaughlin, says “Our employees truly are our most important asset; in fact, we continue to produce leaders at New Way by going through extensive leadership training classes. By educating our employees and building internal buy-in, we’re able to produce a high quality product that customers rely on.” New Way’s dedication to their employees and strengthening their workforce from within, is just one of many examples of how they have elevated themselves to become leaders in the industry. “Our team continues to expand globally and that is what makes us a force in the industry,” mentions vice president of sales, Phil Allen. With New Way’s representation across all 50 states, as well as in 6 countries, that include: Russia, China, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and Nigeria, they are continuously seeking ways to educate and inform their distributor network on product changes, new innovations, and company updates. Through continually offering new distributor tools, hosting annual distributor meetings, and providing monthly newsletters that keep their distributors “in the know,” the industry-leading company has built an extraordinary distributor network, who knows the New Way products inside and out. “New Way is an incredible company to work for,” Allen adds.

The International Trade Council represents businesses who are trustworthy, socially responsible, invested in their community, and exhibit trustworthiness. It is beyond question that New Way Trucks exemplifies these attributes.

Scranton Mfg./New Way is always looking for qualified individuals to join their team of highly motivated, talented employees. Those interested in submitting an application are urged to apply online.

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