Scranton Earns Customer Satisfaction With K-PAC™

Waste-equipment manufacturer pairs well with New Way®'s quality, customer service


Since Scranton Manufacturing bought the company two years ago, waste-compaction manufacturer K-PAC™ has seen benefits both in manufacturing advancements and in better distribution channels across the country. By carrying over the same values that brought success to innovative truck manufacturer New Way®, K-PAC™ has progressed in the waste industry and customers are noting the improvements. “K-PAC™ compactors are very dependable, they're built well, and they do their job,” said one such customer, Maggie Eggers, senior account representative at EDCO Waste Company in San Diego. “The K-PAC™ brand is great. The employees do what they say they'll do, and they're quick to help us out. They're just outstanding.”

K-PAC™ is a top manufacturer of stationary and self-contained waste compactors, as well as units specially made for apartment complexes. K-PAC™ recently re-released the KPV VersaPac compactor following an eight-year dormancy on the product. “We carried over the same methods and values to K-PAC™ that we've always used for New Way®,” said Tyler Rohrbeck, K-PAC™ in-house sales representative. “We value quality, timeliness, and customer service. The customers are the ones who make the company what it is, so we aim to make a great impression on every contact.”

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