New Way® Trucks Parts Department Expansion Includes Additional Staff, Improved Loading/Unloading Areas, and Over 8,000 sq ft of Readily Available Parts.


Scranton, IOWA - At the end of the 4th quarter of 2016, the Parts Department of New Way® Trucks, global industry leader in refuse truck manufacturing, will have quadrupled in size. Over the course of 2 years, New Way® Trucks has been in the process of an expansion that includes not only their space, which now allows for nearly $2 million in on-hand, sellable product, but also new HVAC, LED lighting. The recent expansion also includes upgraded office spaces, additional parking and loading/unloading zones, an increase in staff, and expanded business hours.

The ability to maximize the warehouse space to its full potential will allow several benefits to New Way® customers and distributors. New Way® Trucks representatives look forward to having access to expanded product lines that are in-house and ready-to-ship, such as sweep, slide, and eject panels. They also gain the ability to consolidate small and large orders, allowing them to ship complete orders on a daily basis. “Expanded business hours, with later cut-off times for outbound shipments will be a major win, once the expansion is completed,” says Parts Manager, Jeremy David.

The new space has allowed for an increase to nearly $2 million in on-hand inventory, as well as having parts on-hand that currently carry a long lead time. In addition, new racks have been installed for added storage, which means they are able to stock parts that were previously considered “non-stock,” due to a lack of space. “The number one key to success is customer satisfaction, and having parts they need, when they need them, is a huge part of that,” says Parts Rep., Keith Kult.

In the same 2 years, New Way® has grown from 6 full-time team members, to currently employing twelve. The addition of new personnel, as well as the addition of phone lines, a toll-free number, and a shared email address are all added benefits for attention to customer service.

New Way® Trucks, a company of Scranton Manufacturing, prides itself on top-notch, purpose-built refuse equipment, and quality service. It is their continued attention to detail and steadfast efforts in ensuring a positive experience for their customers, distributors, and employees, that make them a global leader in the industry.

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