New Way Partner Reaches ROTO PAC® Production Milestone


SCRANTON, Iowa (December 19, 2018) - New Way Trucks, global leader in refuse truck manufacturing, congratulates Ginove, Inc., Canadian based refuse truck manufacturer, on producing their 150th ROTO PAC® automated side-loading waste and recycling truck. ROTO PAC is the manufacturer’s best selling waste collection body.

“We would like to congratulate Ginove, manufacturer of the revolutionary ROTO PAC, on their 150th unit,” said Don Ross, vice president of sales and marketing at New Way Trucks. “New Way is proud to be a Ginove partner and the global distributor of the ROTO PAC.”

“Ginove’s team is really proud that the innovative technology of its products made here, in Saint-Casimir, is known all over the world,” said Christian Lapointe, CEO of Ginove. “The next step for our company is to develop strong partnerships with distributors around the world.”

ROTO PAC is the world’s first auger-driven refuse truck. Featuring the highest legal payload in the industry, and a liquid-tight hopper, up to 40 inches high. Versatility is a strength of ROTO PAC, with the ability to alternate collection between organics and MSW on separate route schedules.

Ginove’s ROTO PAC distribution partnership with New Way has paved way for the Canadian manufacturer’s expansion into the United State’s refuse market. To learn more about New Way Trucks and Ginove, Inc., visit the companies’ websites at and

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